Becoming the best you

This assembly encourages children to aim for their dreams, to see that problems and discouragements may come our way but they don’t need to de-rail us from achieving our full potential. Potential obstacles can instead be trodden down under our feet and used as stepping stones on the path to becoming the very best Me that I can be, and that is something no-one else can do! This assembly introduces the children to an array of people who trod down their obstacles and are now famous for their success, did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his first job for a lack of creativity? As Thomas Edison said “Have faith and move forward” and as Winston Churchill put it: “Never, never, never give up!”


The theme of “boundaries” is an important theme for children in both primary and secondary schools.
The dictionary definition of “boundary” is:1. the official line that divides one area of land from another. 2. the point at which something ends or beyond which it becomes something else
The “Boundaries” assembly will aim to teach the children two important things:
1: That they can position “boundaries” for themselves (around their feelings, thoughts and bodies = “personal space”.)
2: That they need to learn, accept and respect other people’s boundaries.
This assembly should empower children to not be taken down by bullying /negative comments or harsh behaviour but to realise they can choose what will affect them and what they will not allow to shape them. This is a self-esteem boosting, respect spreading, powerful assembly message.

The Golden Rule

The basic message of the “Golden Rule” assembly is “choosing to do what you want done to you; be nice first!” We encourage the children to see that each of the little kindnesses they can do for each other soon measure up to a nicer experience of life for all.

Legally Christmas

The story of Jesus’ birth has been told over and over again through nativity plays, RE lessons, storybooks at home and even occasionally on the TV. It is very difficult to be original in retelling such a famous story! So, in this assembly, we remember the story briefly but then we tackle a BIG question… “Why did Jesus come to earth as a human being?” In this assembly children hear that Christians believe that Jesus has always existed as part of the godhead and that there was an important reason why He had to leave all his power and glory in heaven to live “legally” as a human here on earth.