For Schools

Meeting the standards set down by the government on collective Christian Worship and Religious Education can become an extra burden in a busy teacher’s day. The Assembly Angels are here to help.

Assembly Angels volunteer teams are comprised of Christians from a local Church with the inspiration and enthusiasm to look at a wide variety of themes from a Christian perspective and present them in an entertaining and interactive format, using a variety of styles.

Our Assemblies are focused on citizenship issues such as dealing with friendships, behaviours and fears. This is because we feel that these issues underpin everything else the child encounters in later life. But at Christmas and Easter we bring a message for the season – explaining aspects of the Christian story or just presenting it in a new light.

Assembly presentations are usually 15 – 20 minutes long.

Year 6 “Moving On” Workshop

Assembly Angels also offer “Moving On”, our year 6 transition workshop helping children think through their move up to secondary school. Using a mixture of individual tasks, small group discussion and up front teaching with visual aids we can help put the experience of secondary school into context and show how it is a small but very important part of their whole lives. Children have the opportunity to discuss their fears and hopes in this fun interactive workshop.  Each child will also receive a copy of the book “it’s your move” published by scripture union, full of fun articles and good advice to help them consider these things further.